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Coworking at Hone Coworks


Want to know how to get your work done in the most productive way possible? Check out these tips to get the most out of your workday.

Create a Plan Every Day

Make sure to start every day with a goal or plan in mind. When you’re able to begin a workday with something accomplished, the rest of the day will be a lot more productive. The plan you create isn’t set in stone, though. As we all know, each day can bring new and unexpected challenges that force us to pivot. Even if this happens, be prepared, and spend the end of each day setting a new plan based on what happened, what you did (or did not) accomplish, and the new priorities in your work life.

Prioritize that Plan

A plan is always a good thing to have, but it has to be fluid. How many times did your day start great, but something happened midday that threw everything out of whack? If you prioritize your plan, you will have a clear vision of what needs to get done each day, even if something unplanned happens.

Trim the Fat

How many times throughout the year do you work on something that you swear you’ll never do again, but inevitably always go back too? Every day new businesses, technologies, and apps are made to help professionals automate these tedious tasks, so although it might be time-intensive, do some research and find ways to automate these tasks. You may even be surprised and find that another member at Hone Coworks might be able to help.

Ask for Help

Get an intern. They’re free labor. In all seriousness, try to ask coworkers or your peers for help. One of the most significant benefits of being in a coworking space is that you are surrounded by motivated professionals who can provide insight to your daily challenges.