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Member Profile: Ayzo Ridge

Bridgette Shoemaker is the Owner and President of Ayzo Ridge Consulting, a visual communications company. As a founding member of Hone Coworks, it was with great pleasure that we got the opportunity to interview Bridgette for our very first Member Profile. Bridgette is a leader in the Northeastern sign industry with 20 years of experience. She founded Ayzo Ridge in 2020, and her business manages all the design, manufacturing, and installations for just about any type of sign and visual communications imaginable.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business!

My name is Bridgette, and I own Ayzo Ridge Consulting. I design and manage commercial signage projects throughout the northeast. I Specialize in sign designs for shopping centers, multi-use buildings, franchise re-brands, and branded environments like you see here at Hone Coworks.

Where were you working before coming to Hone Coworks?

In my pre-COVID life, my commute was 1.5 hours, and I often traveled to my clients. So when COVID and lay-offs happened, and I became a work from home mom, my office became louder and less conducive. Virtual meetings were near impossible with dogs and children running amuck.

Why did you choose Hone Coworks as your new workplace?

My first look into Hone was of pure convenience. I asked myself, where can I be closer to my clients? I fell in love with the space the moment I first walked in! At Hone, I am part of a community where I can make connections and turn those connections into projects for my business. What can I say? This is my Hone away from home!

How does a business like yours benefit from being in a space like Hone Coworks?

The amenities here fulfill my youthful dreams of being a CEO with a swanky high rise office. My private suite allows for noise-free conference calls and the organic conversations over the kitchen counter are priceless. Having this space is taking my fledgling business into a hemisphere that I had only dreamed of. The beautifully appointed conference rooms allow for interactive and robust design meetings. My clients are super impressed and always ask to come back. Between the health safety measures, and the Bevi machine, my client’s comfort levels are so high they are making up reasons for more meetings with me!

How can people get in touch with you or start working with your business?

On LinkedIn – Bridgette Shoemaker, online at AyzoRidgedesign.com, or working at Hone, of course!