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Member Profile: Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc. (SHG)

Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc. (SHG) is an investment banking, strategic advisory and valuation services firm focusing on the specific needs of middle market companies, financial sponsors, and entrepreneurs. Since SHG was founded in 1985, its specialized business professionals have worked with hundreds of clients across the globe.

SHG has utilized traditional office space for over 30 years. In this third installment of our Hone member profile series, we interviewed SHG’s executive management team: Founder & Chairman, Robert Schwartz, and Managing Directors Rai Archibold, CFA, and Cory Martin, CVA, to find out why they relocated SHG to our flexible workplace. We also got to know a bit more about Bob, Rai, Cory (see Q&A below the video)!



Schwartz Heslin Group - Bob SchwartzRobert Schwartz, more commonly known as Bob, established Schwartz Heslin Group with a vision of bringing together the best practices of investment banking and business advisory to provide maximum value for clients.

What are you responsible for at SHG?

As Chairman, my role is to get involved in client matters as requested by the Directors at SHG and the business development staff. Because I devote much of my energy to SHG, it helps that I’m also on the boards of several companies and institutions.

What are you passionate about outside of work?

Number one is my family; my kids, grandkids, and my wife. Number two are things that benefit the community. For example, I work with the University of Albany to help people in the community with disabilities. Oh, and I like fast cars!


Schwartz Heslin Group - Rai ArchiboldRai has been at SHG for over 10 years and currently heads the the investment banking division. His role involves helping clients sell their business, buy other businesses, or find capital to fund their growth.

Do you have a daily ritual?

I wish I could say I had a daily ritual! One of the reasons I enjoy what I do is that every day is somewhat different. We have several projects in the works at any given moment, so any day I could be working on a deliverable, finding new business opportunities, and of course, helping SHG be a better business and become better at what we do.

Any recent transactions you are particularly proud of?

One of our most recent transactions was with iSimulate, a company with a significant local presence in the Capital Region. One of their principals approached us about two years ago, and they wanted us to guide them through the buying process with another local company. When we finished the process, all of the principals at iSimulate were happy that the whole process went very smoothly. From what we’ve heard subsequently, everything has continued to go well.



Schwartz Heslin Group - Cory MartinCory has been with SHG since 2009. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. This includes the company’s finances, developing new business, and strategizing about the growth and direction of SHG.

What is one thing you want people to know about SHG?

What makes SHG unique is the disparity of the professionals we have. Our team is a mix of intelligent young professionals and seasoned executives with a lot of experience. I think that this helps us give the best advice to our clients.

How can people get in touch or start working with SHG?

They can give us a call at 518.786.7733, or if they know they need valuation services, they can contact me via email at cmartin@shggroup.com. If they need help with investment banking or strategic advisory, they can contact Rai at rarchibold@shggroup.com. Or they can always get more info about SHG on our website at www.shggroup.com.